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About Us

Green Isle Community School #4144-07(GICS) was founded in December of 2004 as a public charter school in the city of Green Isle, MN.  

Located in the heart of the Green Isle Community, GICS provides families a choice for schooling for students in grades K-6.  

As a public charter school, GICS places students at the center of learning.  Teachers at GICS are highly qualified and continuing to focus on students long term success by following MDE guidance. 

Students are able to enjoy smaller classroom sizes and multiage learning to expand their learning opportunities.  In addition, students at Green Isle Community School are able to participate in Service Learning, expanding their knowledge and creativity through real world activities and partnerships created through the community.

In the Fall of 2018, GICS established a service program for Infants through Pre-Kindergarten with Clover Kids Child Care.  In addition, before and after school and summer community youth programs were added to provide additional learning activities and support for GICS students. 

With over 15 years of providing parents a choice in education, GICS continues to innovate and succeed in reaching student achievement goals while working to create long lasting relationships with families and the local community members.  

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