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Our Academics

Make the Charter Choice

Taking the time to choose the right school for your child's development can make all the difference in the world!

GICS is a public charter school, which means that our qualified teachers innovate in teaching each day, while making certain your child receives access at all times to a high quality education.

We offer multiage learning opportunities for all grades K-6, and teach our students the importance of learning through service while giving hands on experiences to work within our community.

At GICS, we focus on individualized learning for all students, meeting our children where they are and offering small classroom sizes for more one on one support.  In addition, as a public school, we offer the same special education and intervention support services required in larger public districts.

At Green Isle Community School, we are here to take innovation in education to a whole new level.  We can't wait to explore possibilities with your child in the future!

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